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I think I mostly understand how subnetting/subnet masks work. However, there is one example that tripped me up while doing some practice questions.

With a subnet address like and a subnet mask of, I understand that the possible IP addresses for this subnet range from to

However, what about a subnet address like that has a subnet mask of What does this notation imply? I'm confused about this particular address because the last octet of this address is non-zero.

If I'm correct, this mask allows for 62 hosts in the network. Is one of the hosts in this network, or are the possible IP address for this subnet to

Thanks in advance.

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0 is already within the host portion of your subnet. Your correct network address would be (

You may split an ip address range into multiple subnets even within the same octet. In case you are using a /26 subnet mask you divide the ip address range into segments of 2^6 (64) therefore you could divide a conventional /24 ( range into 4x /26 ranges.


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