I have a server rack with an HP 2810-24G in it, and a data cabinet with an HP 1800-24G.

All the clients connect with gigabit to the 1800-24G, and all the servers are connected with gigabit to the 2810-24G. How can I create a multi-gigabit link between the switches so that more than one client can reach the server at gigabit speeds simultaneously?


Both of your switches support IEEE 802.3ad Link Aggregation Protocol (LACP) and HP port trunking

This is the feature specifically made to do what you want, it combines several physical links into a single logical one. This provide both additional bandwidth and fault-tolerance.

On the 1810 model this is limited to 4 link per trunk. (source: this datasheet)

So you can have 4Gbs between the 2 switches.

Note that:

  • LACP works by balancing different flows between links. A single flow will pass on a single link (so 1Gbs max).

  • The term "trunk" used by HP in context of LACP can lead to confusion, it has nothing to do with the "trunk" mode of operation related to VLANs

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