I am new in juniper networks.

Suppose I have a new switch with default configuration and I have a backup of the current switch.

What are the steps to restore the backup on the new switch and how to configure a management IP?


If you want to paste in the config in the hierarchical format, you can use "load override terminal"

The paste is relative to your current location in the hierarchy, so make sure you go to the top with "top"

Refer here for official info: https://www.juniper.net/documentation/en_US/junos16.1/topics/task/configuration/junos-software-configuration-file-loading.html


The way I do it on routers:

On the old one go into edit mode then run "show | display set" which will show you the set commands to put on the other device. Copy that.

On the new one I make sure is all clean config, go into edit mode and type "load set terminal" - which opens a sort of text file editor within the appliance - then I paste all the set commands from the old one and finish up with the escape character (^D).

  • The downside to using the set method is that you will lose annotations, and if your config is large, the input buffer will eventually max out, forcing you to cut and paste in sections. Load merge terminal and curly-brace format is far superior IMO – Benjamin Dale Feb 24 '17 at 6:20
file copy your-server:/homes/fred/tmp/juniper.conf.gz-YOUR FILE
load juniper.conf.gz-YOUR FILE

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