One my senior in my office asked me this question. I have a source at R1 and my destination is after 300 routers R300. Will my packet reach my destination ?

Host A -->R1-R2-R3-.....R300-->Host B

  1. Is this a question valid ?
  2. If Yes, then how ?
  3. Can I increase my TTL more than 255 ? (I believe this is not possible)

Looking for an answer..

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A - Look at RFC0791
B - Search for the IP headers definition and length
C - draw your own conclusions

Note that in real world there's no path as long as 300 hops. If I remember correctly the longest path that exists on the Internet is between 30 & 40 hops.

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    If, for some reason, one did have a path longer than 255 hops, one would have to use tunneling or maybe MPLS/VPLS or similar. I think that before we get to that point we'll have to think deploy protocols that are more resistant to timeouts over interplanetary or interstellar distances.
    – Law29
    Apr 30, 2016 at 13:02

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