I am new to using Windump (TCPDump) and I need to write a filter and save it the output to a text file. I start the command as "Windump>Practice". (I named the output file Practice) Would I type the filter in between Windump and Practice?

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    Aug 14 '17 at 3:58

It depends on how the command interpreter you're using works, but the convention generally used on UN*X (from which Windows took the output redirection conventions) is to put the redirection at the end, so

windump tcp port 80 >Practice

will work.

(Note, however, that the filter definitely has to appear after command-line options, so you have to do

windump -i 1 tcp port 80 >Practice

rather than

windump tcp port 80 -i 1 >Practice

for example.)

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