I am trying to configure a dynamic crypto map for use on a pure IPv6 network, on Cisco 15.2M. The problem is when I try to add an ipv6 access list to the dynamic crypto map, I get an error message. Below the config

crypto dynamic-map DYNMAP 5
 set transform-set IPSECVPN-PeerA
 set ikev2-profile IKEV2-SETUP-DYN
ipv6 access-list VPN_PEER_A_IPV6_ANY
 permit ipv6 2001:1::/64 any
 permit ipv6 2001:2::/64 any

But when I try to add the access list to the crypto map, I get the following error

access-list type conflicts with prior definitionERROR: "VPN_PEER_A_IPV6_ANY" is either an invalid name or the
    list already exists but is the wrong type.

I believe this is due to 15.2 not supporting dynamic IPv6 crypto maps. Can anybody give me a hint?

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I found the answer, Dynamic Crypto Maps with IPv6 are NOT SUPPORTED by Cisco IOS 15.2


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