I have a Cisco 2950 switch at home with the same fiber port in this picture. Can anyone tell me what type of port this is? LC, SC, FC, MTRJ? I am new to fiber optic ethernet. I'm pretty sure this connection is using a multimode cable. Looking to purchase a fiber cable to use in my home network stack of Cisco switches.

Thanks in advance.enter image description here

  • That is an mtrj port and yes it's multimode.
    – user4565
    Commented Jun 6, 2016 at 20:13

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Expanding on the comment above, it's indeed an MT-RJ connector. I also know it's multimode because 1000base-SX is MMF-only. Lastly, you can even make a very educated guess about the type of fiber based on the colors of the strain relief boot at the connector and the jacket/protective cover of the main cable. In your case, orange with a beige boot is another indication of MMF (OM1 or OM2.)

enter image description here

  • How did you know it is 1000base-SX from the picture? Commented Sep 1, 2023 at 12:42

It's a MTRJ connector. Besides, the supported module is 1000BASE-SX, and it's true that this is multi-mode cable, since 1000BASE-SX is only designed to work over MMF. Certainly, the color of this cable also show it's multi-mode version.

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