I have a customer with 3 sites, 5000 users. 2 sites are Data Centers and 1 site is HQ. The sites are connected via ring topology with 10G MetroEthernet service - that's 6 10G ports in all across 6 Dell 4048 switches - 2 switches per site.

My idea is to stack these 6 as a single logical switch vs configuring them as standalone switches running VLT between the pair at each location. I do not see any reason why I would not simply stack them as one switch.

Anyone have a good reason not to stack these Dell 4048's into 1 logical switch? What's a better topology and why?

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Stacking makes for a single control plane and an outage of the entire stack during software upgrades. Therefore, a single stack is not advisable. For a ring topology, Dell has Force10 Resilient Ring Protocol (FRRP).

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