I have a two EX2200 switches that are connected to each other using OSPF routing. One switch is configured as a dhcp server and gives out IP addresses to devices on local interfaces. I set up DHCP relay using bootp on the other switch, but I can't get addresses distributed to devices connected to this switch. I can ping the two l3 switches one from the other so OSPF is working. I am fairly new to networking and I was wondering, in broad terms, what needs to be done to the ports/vlans/etc on the switch to get it to request DHCP from the other switch. No code please, I'd like to learn on my own.

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You need to:

  1. Set up DHCP-Relay on switch 2 with your server (switch 1) IP address and reference each VLAN interface (eg: vlan.x) that you wish to relay for

  2. Make sure you have a dedicated scope configured on switch 1 for each VLAN you will be serving and ensure that the gateway for each matches the appropriate vlan.x interface on switch 2

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