I've been looking for some examples to configure a subnet, and I've seen that, for example, when you have this IPv4 network for the hosts, people use this IPv4 network for the serial: So, why do they do that? Wouldn't be better to just use the same IPv4 range 192.168.X.0/30?


It doesn't matter. There is no better IP address range for any type of interface. It may be that examples use the network because it is easy to see that it is different and clear that it is a different use.

The old-school way of doing point-to-point links was with /30 networks, but that wastes half of the addresses in a network. About 16 years ago, RFC 3021, Using 31-Bit Prefixes on IPv4 Point-to-Point Links was released to specifically allow /31 networks for point-to-point links. Some hardware manufacturers never adopted the RFC, and none of the carriers of which I know did.

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