Here is an image of a 1x64 fiber optic splitter/combiner:

I am assuming these are plastic/polymer fibers. A very similar box (http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SC-UPC-1x32-Fiber-Optic-Splitter-PLC-Splitter-Module-SM-1M-Please-see-Options-/141150409820?hash=item20dd38545c:g:ao0AAOSwr81UOap3) permits 300mW of max optical power. Does this power rating seem reasonable and why?

  • You don't provide a manufacturer or model. How are we supposed to be able to answer this question? Also, product or resource recommendations are explicitly off-topic here.
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  • I was looking for advice from people with experience. Tried getting help from Engineering but they pointed me to this forum. I saw many fiber-optic questions here. Can you please unhold my question.
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  • The question was edited, there is a numerical criterion in it now.
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If the manufacturer claims 300 mW power output, then why would you think the power rating is not reasonable? Unlike the mass market for UTP cables, where you see all kinds of crap sold, optical splitters have a very small, contained market, and getting a bad reputation in that marketplace will spell doom.


I think you'd be better off assuming these are not plastic/polymer since yellow = single mode = long haul = glass. See Plastic optical fiber

the IEEE has not yet passed any of the proposals into a final extension of the existing ethernet standards.

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