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My knowledge of Cisco is very basic and I´m having this error constantly. I have to reboot every time, and it does not seem right. How can I solve it at once?? What I know of this device is that it has set up a VPN account and other Internet whenever I get the error Internet connection is cut, but not the VPN.

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    Are you able to do a "#show proc mem" command? It appears your router has run out of available memory space or you have hit a bug. I would wager a restart would stop this error temporarily but after a while, you will hit the same problem again.
    – SleepyMan
    Aug 19, 2016 at 15:00
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If you are on release 12.4(15)T12 | 12.4(24)T2 then this could be related to a Cisco bug CSCtg26917 with more details on it here


Chunk manager consume almost all memory. We found the issue is related to NAT


The memory hold by chunk manager increased quickly while NAT translate increased rapidly.

If you are using NAT and are on this version of IOS, it would be adviseable for you to do an upgrade of the firmware.


Cisco 1800 Series Integrated Services Routers Fixed Configuration Models

The default memory of 32 MB Flash and 128 MB DRAM is sufficient to support complex configurations and help ensure operation for an extended period. Memory is expandable to support maximum of 128 MB Flash and 384 MB DRAM, offering additional investment protection.

Portable Product Sheets – Routing Performance

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