Does the CRS 1000v support KVM service containers? I opened a case with Cisco Partner Helpline, and according to the BU the answer is yes. However the router seems to disagree:

Router#show virtual-service 
Virtual Service Global State and Virtualization Limits:
Machine types supported   : LXC
Machine types disabled    : KVM

And when I try to activate a KVM OVA that I installed it generates this log message:

%VMAN-3-GENERAL_FAILURE: F0: vman:  Virtual Service[SCDemoVM]::Activate::Internal error::Machine type 'kvm' is not supported

Router version is 16.03.01 (Denali).

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Make sure that you have nested virtualization enabled in your hypervisor. VMWare calls this VHV or Virtual Hardware-Assisted Virtualization and your CPU also has to support it. Other hypervisors call it different things. You also need to make sure that you have support for unsigned 3rd party KVM applications configured on the CSR. That would be the signing-level command under virtual-service.

Finally, this is only available in IOS-XE 3.17 or later. While support for KVM inside of the CSR is supported, it isn't always a good idea for actual deployment. You're running a virtual machine inside of a virtual machine so performance is going to suffer. However, it does make a great development sandbox for getting things working. You can find more info in DevNet at https://developer.cisco.com/site/kvm


Linux, yes, but the only interface with the system is via IOSd.

Because IOSd is running as a discrete process it has protected memory that is isolated from crashes in other processes and failures in other components in the system.

Problem: Can I run my App inside a Router ?

Solution: Yes !

  • From IOS XE3.17 onwards
  • Option to enable unsigned containers
  • Any 3rd party KVM
  • Libvirt based format / YAML manifest file
  • Requires 4GB+ dedicated RAM
  • ASR1000, ISR4000, CSR1000

virtual-service install name myapp package flash:myapp.ova show virtual-service list show virtual-service detail name myapp virtual-service connect name myapp aux|console

enter image description here


  • You are correct, I needed to enable nested virtualization in my hypervisor. Once I did that a show virtual-service reports Machine types supported : KVM, LXC.
    – stdout
    Aug 24, 2016 at 12:29

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