I have fortigate 300C firewall.

I have create the web-filter policy for one department, I have added only websites which are allowed (around 1200 websites) rest all I want to block.

But somehow filter is not working, proxy websites and other websites like fantacycricket, viu.com, etc are still opening.

On last line of filter I have added * wildcard -> block. Still it is not working.

Can anyone help me out.

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Check the ssl inspection. If you don't configure SSL inspection the fortigate won't block HTTPS web pages


Option 1

Configure webfilterring inbound and outbound deny policy in firewall . And bottom configure allow policy . And configure explicitly deny policy .

Option 2

Configure object for webfilterring

URL should configure in object and enable deny option and configure policy in fortigate firewalls

Any traffic coming towards firewall hits this security policy . Traffic with this URL matches policy and deny traffic remaining traffic will allow .

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