I am working on a network that has fibre connection terminated to the 3850 fibre switch. I want to connect 2960 to this 3850 switch. I want to use the SFP port to link them up together. Please how do i go about it.

Thank you

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    Aug 15, 2017 at 2:24

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Any time I have have configured a link such as this in smaller networks using these two pieces of equipment I trunk the link that is the fiber link containing the SFP on both ends, define encapsulation and native vlans and then define allowed vlans on the trunk. I know iit isnt always a standard, it depends on what IOS version and platform etc...but I also define no negotiate on the trunk port to avoid encapsulation issues.

This shouldnt be a problem with a 2960 though I believe they only are capable of dot1Q.


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