I am in the process of rolling out solarwinds for visibility of QoS performance using netflow and CBQOS to show QoS class usage. One thing I am unsure of is what type of monitoring is available on L2 edge switches. We have a QoS policy configured and can see port / buffer drops via CLI using "Switch#sh mls qos int gi1/0/1 statistics" but what I would like to do is extract this port data to Solarwinds via SNMP so its visible to all. Is there a specific MIB available which would provide this functionality? More specifically I would like to see output queue drops.


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If you're just looking for interface output queue drops, you can use the cportQosDropPkts OID (part of CISCO-PORT-QOS-MIB).

$ snmptranslate -On CISCO-PORT-QOS-MIB:cportQosDropPkts

If you have a CCO you can look up the OID details here.

The count of dropped packets as the result of queuing and scheduling related QoS features that can produce drops.

This OID shows a depricated, but it should work on the platforms that you've listed in your comment to @Raul D.

Additional required MIB files:





Example using snmpwalk and bash on a C3560:

$ snmpwalk -v2c -c community CISCO-PORT-QOS-MIB:cportQosDropPkts
CISCO-PORT-QOS-MIB::cportQosDropPkts.10020.ingress.1 = Counter64: 0 packets
CISCO-PORT-QOS-MIB::cportQosDropPkts.10020.egress.1 = Counter64: 913 packets

$ ./cportQosDropPkts.sh -c community -h

Interface Name          Output Queue Drops

--------------          ------------------
FastEthernet0/1         0
FastEthernet0/2         0
FastEthernet0/3         0
FastEthernet0/4         0
FastEthernet0/5         0
FastEthernet0/6         0
FastEthernet0/7         0
FastEthernet0/8         0
FastEthernet0/9         0
FastEthernet0/10        0
FastEthernet0/11        0
FastEthernet0/12        0
FastEthernet0/13        0
FastEthernet0/14        0
FastEthernet0/15        0
FastEthernet0/16        0
FastEthernet0/17        0
FastEthernet0/18        0
FastEthernet0/19        0
FastEthernet0/20        916
FastEthernet0/21        0
FastEthernet0/22        0
FastEthernet0/23        0
FastEthernet0/24        0
GigabitEthernet0/1      0
GigabitEthernet0/2      0

$ ./cportQosDropPkts.sh -c community -h -i FastEthernet0/20

Interface Name          Output Queue Drops

--------------          ------------------
FastEthernet0/20        916

According to the Cisco MIB locator:

This Cisco technote can also help you

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