ASA 5585-X with SSP-10 and IPS-SSP 60

Slot 0:SSP-10 works fine

Slot 1:IPS-SSP-60 is not responsive, ports not coming up, show module cannot detect software version, boot image missing

Management 0/0 on SSP-10 is connected to tftp server. I can download the image from tftp to CF.

The image recovery procedure in Cisco documentations say there is no way to directly set boot image for IPS SSP. I have to use tftp in rommon or put the module in recovery mode.

I set recovery config and put the module into recovery mode but console on IPS SSP still shows boot loop because no valid image found.

1) I know SSP-10 + IPS-SSP 60 is not supported by TAC. Does this work at all? ports can stay up for only 20 seconds on IPS-SSP

2) Why management interfaces on IPS SSP not showing up as management 1/0, 1/1?

3) Do I need to connect IPS SSP's management port to tftp server (SSP's management port already connected to tftp server)? Then how do I reference the management ports on IPS SSP since they are not shown in #show interface ip brief

Can someone give me some hints why the recovery is not working? Apparently I can't open a case with TAC for this issue.

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From the Cisco documentation: "The ASA 5585-X IPS SSP must be at the same level as the ASA 5585-X SSP model; for example, if you have the ASA 5585-X with SSP-10, you can only install the IPS SSP-10."

So, generally to answer your questions:

1) No, it should not be possible, and somewhere in the logging or debugging it will probably tell you that it is disabling the IPS-SSP because it isn't compatible; or it will show that the SSP is trying to transfer an incompatible image to the IPS-SSP.

2) If the module is disabled (or booting), the interfaces generally won't be shown.

3) This is really a moot point since you probably won't be able to do anything at all with the IPS-SSP if it is disabled or not booted entirely.

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