I would like to query a LLDP enabled switch / router for information about current FW, Manufacturer, etc... But I am not directly connected to the switch, but through an Access Layer Switch or a Wireless AP.

Would I be able to get this information using LLDP, even though there are multiple physical layer hops.

Information I am looking for:

Inventory - Hardware Revision TLV (OUI = 00-12-BB, Subtype = 5) 
Inventory - Firmware Revision TLV (OUI = 00-12-BB, Subtype = 6) 
Inventory - Software Revision TLV (OUI = 00-12-BB, Subtype = 7) 
Inventory - Serial Number TLV (OUI = 00-12-BB, Subtype = 8) 
Inventory - Manufacturer Name TLV (OUI = 00-12-BB, Subtype = 9) 
Inventory - Model Name TLV (OUI = 00-12-BB, Subtype = 10) 
Inventory - Asset ID TLV (OUI = 00-12-BB, Subtype = 11) 
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No. LLDP is a link protocol. Like the other link protocols, it only exists on the link, and it will not be forwarded to another link.

Specifically, LLDP is to tell you that information for other devices on the link. That fails if the information is forwarded to a different link.


Media Endpoint Discovery that is an enhancement of LLDP, known as LLDP-MED, may help you doing that.

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