Is there a way in JunOS (I'm testing on 11.4R1.14) to see the prefixes filtered out by a policy statement?

I have the following in the lab dropping unwanted prefixes from BGP neighbors;

policy-statement PS-Filter-Prefix-Size {
    from {
        route-filter prefix-length-range /27-/32;
        route-filter prefix-length-range /0-/5;

protocols {
    bgp {                               
        group my-peers {
            type external;
            import [ PS-Filter-Prefix-Size ];

This seems to be working, as show route hidden reveals some test /32 routes which are not present in the output of show route or show route forwarding-table. Other /24 routes are coming in though for example.

Can I displays routes that have been caught by a filter?

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test policy PS-Filter-Prefix-Size

This should display routes passing the policy

There isn't direct way to ask the opposite, but you could create policy which calls 'PS-Filter-Prefix-Size' and then rejects and accepts rest.
Testing this policy would yield opposite results, showing routes not passing 'PS-Filter-Prefix-Size'.

As far as I understand your 'PS-Filter-Prefix-Size' does nothing, as there is no action, so existing 'default-action' is honored.
You should have 'then accept' or 'then reject', and preferably after that explicit catch-all rule.

In your situation I'd do something like this

term bogus_size {
    from {
        family inet;
        route-filter prefix-length-range /25-/32;
        route-filter prefix-length-range /1-/7;
    then reject;
term accept {
    then accept;
  • The missing reject statement is my less than successful attempt at a simply copy and paste...Defiantly time for bed, thanks for the input ytti ;)
    – jwbensley
    Oct 15, 2013 at 16:16

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