I am trying to restore Cisco catalyst 4503E switch. When I turn on it I enter rommon mode? How to restore or fix this problem ? Unfortunately, I haven't a flash card. Here is my screeenshots:

enter image description here

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A quick google search finds this: Recover a Cisco IOS Catalyst 4500/4000 Series Switch from a Corrupt or Missing Image or in Rommon Mode

To summarise:

1) First check if there is an image present in the (built-in) bootflash:

rommon >dir bootflash:

If there is, then try to boot it like this (obviously, replacing "cat4000-is-mz.121-11b.EW" with the name of the image you found using the "dir" command above):

rommon >boot bootflash:cat4000-is-mz.121-11b.EW

2) If there is no image on the bootflash or it doesn't boot, then you will need to connect the management port of the SUP to a TFTP server, put a valid image on the TFTP server and use this procedure to boot from TFTP (and again, replace the ip addresses and image name to suit your setup of course):

 rommon >unset boot
 rommon >set interface fa1
 rommon >set ip route default
 rommon >boot tftp://

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