In Cisco switches/routers or any other vendor, why the management interface is always a vlan IP interface and why not just fa 0/1 or fa 0/2 ip interface. What's the reason behind vlan ip interface for management purpose?

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This depends on the model of device. Some of them have dedicated physical management interfaces. Others just use a vlan SVI interface.


Also, besides what John K. wrote, if the switch can do layer-3, you can use a routed interface:

interface FastEthernet0/1
 no switchport
 ip address
 no shutdown

If you are running layer-2 to a router, then the only network you have between the switch and the rest of the network is either an address on one of the VLANs between the router and switch, or, as John K. says, some Cisco switches have a physical management interface that must be connected to somewhere else on the network.

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