I have 2 hosts, called client1 and client2, connected with a switch and this switch with another host called firewall, having access only with firewall.

Is it possible to forbid ping between clients?

Firewall have a dhcp server too, I don't know if dhcp server have an option for this.

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You can forbid that in a few ways. If your users are on different VLANs, you can impose the firewall between them, or a layer-3 switch could have an ACL between the VLANs. If you use something like a private VLAN, the users cannot communicate with each other.

In most cases, the users are on the same VLAN on a layer-2 switch, and you simply cannot control traffic between them because one host communicates directly to the other host via layer-2, and ICMP is a layer-3 protocol.

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