I'm having trouble finding the actual temperature point where a C2821 router will send out the trap for temperature. So far, I know the operating temperatures are from 0C to 40C. But at which point does it send the trap?

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The thresholds will differ depending on the IOS, platform, and component in question. The show environment table command will display the temperature thresholds. When a threshold is crossed, a SNMP trap will be sent, if the router is configured to do so.

Here is a sample output:

R1#show environment table 
Sample Point      LowShut   LowCrit   LowWarn   HighWarn  HighCrit  HighShut  

I/O Cont Inlet                                  40C/104F  50C/122F  75C/167F  

I/O Cont Outlet                                 43C/109F  53C/127F  58C/136F  

NPE Inlet                                       75C/167F  75C/167F  75C/167F  

NPE Outlet                                      50C/122F  60C/140F  65C/149F  
+3.45 V           +2.42     +3.18                         +3.72     +4.48     
+5.15 V           +3.62     +4.80                         +5.49     +6.72     
+12.15 V          +8.54     +11.29                        +13.00    +15.85    
-11.95 V          -7.04     -9.52                         -14.38    -16.38    

More information on the environment command can be found in the Cisco IOS Configuration Fundamentals Command Reference .


As far as I know, trap will occur if it exceeds 65C.
It cannot modify the command.

You can check the current temperature of the router with "show environment" command.

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