I am trying to configure a RPM probe to ping a web service using an IP address, using junos version 12.1x

probe My-Probe {
    test My-Test 
        probe-type http-get
        target url 
        probe-interval 30
        test-interval 60 

The web service is up and running, I can hit the target url successfully with any other client. For example, in the shell on the same router i can use


And see the 200/OK response.

The issue is, when the RPM probe tries to hit the target url, it doesn't work. The server responds with a 400/Bad Request error, "Invalid Hostname". Investigating with wireshark, I can see a malformed get request:

GET /services/id/1 HTTP/1.1\r\n

That's it - it's missing a "Host" header, just as the web service host machine indicated.

What do I have to do to send a correctly formatted get request? What i would expect to see:

GET /services/id/1 HTTP/1.1\r\n


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Unfortunately, JunOS does not support those feature at this time.

port number and sub url does not work.

In the RPM target url only supported FQHN such as
target url
target url http://SERVERA/

You should feature request to juniper.


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