I need a 24 port gigabit ethernet cisco switch with 2 fiber ports in gns3. An example of this switch is the Cisco SGE2000 switch, i found out that the gns3 only provides only their default etherswitch router which only provides fastethernet ports. So can i emulate a switch like cisco SGE2000 in gns3?

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    – Ron Maupin
    Commented Aug 15, 2017 at 18:03

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No you can't. It looks like newer versions of GNS3 support IOSvL2 (shipped with Cisco VIRL) and you now can setup many standard switch features (spanning-tree, LACP, port-security, ...). But this will not be like a standard 24 port switch running IOS.

And BTW: Cisco SMB Switches do not run IOS, they are quite different.

  • So is there no way i can simulate a 24 gigabit port cisco switch in gns3? if so, do you know any network simulators wherein i can achieve this? PT also doesn't work.
    – Miho
    Commented Jan 18, 2017 at 19:06

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