I download a bgp archive from routeviews website. I get as this line:

BGP4MP|1378027817|A||7500||7500 2518 2914 1273 36994 37672 37089|IGP||0|0||NAG||

Can you help me to interpret this line? I don't know who announce the prefix : AS7500 or AS37089?



For those unfamiliar with libbgpdump: it's a library for analysing dump files generated by Zebra/Quagga and MRT. It's maintained by RIPE NCC: https://bitbucket.org/ripencc/bgpdump/wiki/Home.

The AS-path recorded is 7500 2518 2914 1273 36994 37672 37089. So AS37089 originated the prefix, AS7500 announced it to the router on which the dump was generated.


To the best of my knowledge, this is the output format of bgpdump.

|timestamp|A/W|peer-ip|peer-asn|prefix|as-path|origin-protocol|next-hop|local-pref|MED|communities|atomic aggregator|aggregator field|

Posting this, because the wiki does not seem to be available anymore. On a side note, consider using https://github.com/CAIDA/libbgpstream, as it is still maintained and offers automatic download of RIPE RIS and Route-views route collector data.

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