three routers are connected where

Router A connected to router B

A (gig0/0/0  ip address> B(gig0/0/0 ip address    
A(gig0/0/0=> ip address>B(gig0/0/1  ip address

Router A connected toRouter C

(A (gig0/0/2=> ip address )====>  C (gig0/0/0  ip address

An IS-IS process is running among nodes. At Router A, Can apply a route policy so that link between Router A to Router B only one link active for certain routes based on next hope Address match condition. for example

if routes,, has two next hop and for Same destination Router B.how can i apply effectively in ISIS process the below policy:-

ip ip-prefix Next_add index 10 permit 30 
ip ip-prefix rouisis index 10 permit 32
ip ip-prefix rouisis index 20 permit 32  
ip ip-prefix rouisis index 30 permit 32 
route-policy isispref permit node 20  
if-match ip-prefix rouisis 
if-match ip next-hop ip-prefix Next_add
apply preference 200

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