I'm trying to set up a VPN connection for a client-to-site scheme with a fortigate VM applicance. This is for testing puropose so all clients and the fortigate are runned on VMWare. Here is what I did so far :

  • Client1 in LAN (Windows XP) : IP =

  • Client2 outside (Windows XP) : IP = (to simulate a public IP address)

  • LNS (L2TP Network Server) : Fortigate

    • 2 ports : port1(LAN) with IP = and port2(WAN) with IP =
    • One reserved range of IP that the VPN client will be given : 192.168.50.[50-60]. That reserved range is used cor the 'config vpn l2tp' sip and eip settings
    • One I have create an address object related to the devices VPN clients will be able to access in the LAN. Nothing more than 192.168.50/24
    • I created a firewall policy saying : incoming interface (port1) with IP range 192.168.50[50-60] -> outgoing interface (port2) with IP 192.168.50/24

Brief I followed the tutorial here


In the client2, I created a VPN connection. I want the target IP to be but it doesnt work. Though I am able to bing port2 of the fortigate from my client. When I change the target address to, it does not work either.

What did I do wrong ? I hope I won't need to post MY WHOLE CONFIG here....

NB : Please I don't want to use forticlient ; only

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