There are a pair of Netgear S3300-52X switches which are not stacking.

The switches are directly connected by 1m of CAT6 cable between their 10G ports. The switches are both using the same version of the firmware.

Even after a restart, the Netgear switches are not auto-stacking and the switches do not show each other in the stack overview page. There are no other switches and the switches have not previously been stacked.

How can the switches be made to stack?

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Although the switches are set to auto-stack when connected, the ports are set to 'ethernet' rather than 'stack' by default, so you have to set the ports to 'stack' mode. To do this:

  1. Log onto the switch (default address is )
  2. Go to System->Stacking->Advanced->Stack-port Configuration and set the relevant port to ‘Stack’. Note, only the 4 10G ports can be used for stacking.
  3. Then restart the switches.

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