I have a question to the cisco IOS specialists. My teacher asked me a question: what is the default username for "enable password/secret". He told me that it may be found in the internet, but i need to ask google unconditionaly. I've been thinking about the question without success.

Does anybody know, what is the username for enable mode in cisco?

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Cisco routers have different categories for authentication. A category for command line access (called EXEC). A category for PPP access. After all we wouldn't want a ISP's clients to be granted EXEC access just because they successfully authenticated their PPP session. The authentication to enter enable mode is simply one more category; a little unusual in that there is no user-supplied username.

Some authentication backends -- like RADIUS -- always need a username field. If we use those authentication backends to authenticate the enable mode category (using a configuration like aaa authentication enable default group EXEC-RADIUS) then the router supplies the backend with $enab15$ in the RADIUS User-Name field.

Note that this isn't the same as saying there is a default username for enable mode.

(The above answer assumes aaa new-model, which is fair as it's hardly new anymore.)


There's no username for enable mode.

From exec mode, you enter the command "enable" and the device ask for the password.

You may also (depending on the IOS version and the actual configuration) type "login" and provide the username and password of a account configured on the switch (either locally or through radius or tacacs) that, upon successful login, will be put directly in privileged mode

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    I'm pretty confident that, in IOS, their no username. As a example, on this page in the note you will find the following sentence: When the "enable" password is used as the HTTP server login authentication method, any username entered will be ignored; the server will only verify the "enable" password. Are you sure this is about IOS and not another Cisco OS like NX-OS?
    – JFL
    Jun 25, 2017 at 18:41

I was corrected. Iogin via the console cable to ios has no enable password.

I posted the below. I thought some older IOS's used cisco but I can't find evidence of that. To many diffrent devices to keep straight I guess. These below are logins, not direct to ios.






and some


Password:Cisco or cisco

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    Those are default login accounts, not enable passwords.
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