When a few clients are leaving an AP at the same point, our network on an specific access point is dropping.

Is there anything we can do about? It's on 5Ghz, an MR32.

Event log


  • Tell us more about WAP statistics. For example: What is channel distribution over floor? percentage of WAPs on power level 1 and 2? Does 'left client' again associate to neighbor waps? I would take a look at client log, that might explain why clients are leaving. <br/> After all, leaving a BSS or roaming to new WAP is absolutely end device's decision. – Vinnie Sep 17 '17 at 3:59
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Several flavors of WiFi (or 802.11 as nerds call it). Sometimes old legacy flavors such as 802.11b can sometimes downgrade the whole WiFi WLAN as the AP has to serve up data using old out-of-date mechanisms. Turn off support for old poo poo devices. Only enable 802.11n (circa 2009 technology) and up? Something like that.... Give that a try.

Also see MR Hospitality Design Guide (CVD)

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