I've got my own network infrastructure already, but I'm tied to my ISPs modem which is a bit on the flaky side. The modem is in bridging mode, with the perimeter router behind it handling authorization via PPPoE.

I want to replace it with something as simple and no-frills as possible.

After happening upon these VDSL2 to Ethernet converters, I want to know if this general class of devices can be used, provided I handle the networking specifics on my router.

Is this possible or advisable?


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The particular device you have listed is required to be used as a pair. This is for someone who want to extend a network across voice cabling, or for a small ISP to use to connect to customers. It doesn't work as a general replacement for a DSL modem.

This is explained in the device description (my emphasis):

The VC-231 provides CPE and CO mode for application. The CPE mode is used by the client, while the CO mode is used at the central location. These modes can be adjusted with a DIP switch that is built in. In order to obtain a point-to-point connection, a single CPE mode VC-231 converter and another CO mode VC-231 converter must be installed as a pair.

Normally, an ISP that allows you to use your own DSL device will have a list of compatible devices. There are multiple DSL standards, and you would need to use a device compatible with the standard used by your ISP.

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