I have an Juniper SRX 100, running JunOS 12.1X46-D66.

I would like to use it to route all Internet traffic through an L2TP tunnel to an ISP called Andrews and Arnold, who offer this as a service. This is not an encrypted L2TP or L2TP over IPsec, it is simple L2TPv2 over UDP.

After hours of Googling, I have found information about setting up a Juniper MX series as an L2TP LNS but nothing about setting up a SRX as a client.

I am not quite sure where to start. I have looked into:

  • Configure a pp0 PPP interface to use a UDP tunnel
  • Change the transport/encryption for an IPSec VPN
  • Setting options on the st0 tunnel interface

But so far failed to find a likely looking option or examples.

Does anyone know how to configure a Juniper SRX as an L2TPv2 client?



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As mentioned here, Juniper SRX cannot act as L2TP client.

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    Thanks. Sometimes it is harder to verify that something is unsupported, than supported.
    – njh
    Jul 31, 2017 at 8:15

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