My goal is to see if the interface gets more than 2gbps of traffic, just to see if it's true.

So I created a policy map with ACL that matches all, and all actions - violate, conform are set to transmit.

It looks like this:

ipv4 access-list test_for_isp
 10 permit ipv4 any any
class-map match-any class_test_isp
 match access-group ipv4 test_for_isp
policy-map traffic_test
 class class_test_isp
  police rate 1900 mbps 
   conform-action transmit
   exceed-action transmit
   violate-action transmit
 class class-default

but i dont see any counters:

RP/0/RSP0/CPU0:ASR02#show policy-map interface all
Mon Sep 18 13:38:16.435 Summer
TenGigE0/0/2/3 input: traffic_test
Class class_test_simcentric
  Classification statistics          (packets/bytes)     (rate - kbps)
    Matched             :                   0/0                    0
    Transmitted         : N/A 
    Total Dropped       :                   0/0                    0
  Policing statistics                (packets/bytes)     (rate - kbps) 
    Policed(conform)    :                   0/0                    0
    Policed(exceed)     :                   0/0                    0
    Policed(violate)    :                   0/0                    0
    Policed and dropped :                   0/0                  
Class class-default
  Classification statistics          (packets/bytes)     (rate - kbps)
    Matched             :                   0/0                    0
    Transmitted         : N/A 
    Total Dropped       : N/A

So, please advise,

  1. Is my configuration bad?
  2. Are there any additional statistics that should be enabled?
  3. Maybe there're any other ways to see burst/peak rates on interfaces - using IOS XR.
  • 2
    Are you applying the policy on the input or output?
    – Ron Trunk
    Sep 18, 2017 at 12:05

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You should use the following commands:

show qos interface TenGigE 0/0/2/3 input

show qos interface TenGigE 0/0/2/3 output

You can check further at Cisco Page

  • than you, seems my previuos command works. It was a problem that the only traffic i received in previous setup was a control plane traffic (BGP, ARP).
    – saddayz
    Sep 18, 2017 at 16:28
  • Good to know that :)!
    – Hung Tran
    Sep 18, 2017 at 16:34

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