I'm planning to set up a dynamic route between pfSense and Cisco 1900 series. First, I want to set up hardware redundancy. In pfSense, I'm using CARP and everything works.

My question is: Does the Cisco series 1900 support VRRP? Has anyone tried to setup hardware redundancy with it?


Yes, Cisco supports VRRP. Cisco maintains many documents regarding this, e.g. First Hop Redundancy Protocols Configuration Guide, Cisco IOS Release 15M&T:

Enabling VRRP


  1. enable

  2. configure terminal

  3. interface type number

  4. ip address ip-address mask

  5. vrrp group ip ip-address [secondary]

  6. end

  7. show vrrp [brief] | group]

  8. show vrrp interface type number [brief]

VRRP is configured much the same way that HSRP is configured in your router.

  • Thank you. i just tested hsrp and i see that configuration is not duplicated in to the standby router. but this solution can help me. – Vononka Sep 19 '17 at 15:39

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