Would it be possible to restrict access to a device using L2 ACL on HP Comware switch which is L2 for the given VLAN?

I want to secure the access to a device on specific VLAN so it can be accessed only from specific MACs/IPs.

Can the L2 ports filter traffic based on L3 and L4 information?



Since a routed packet carries the router's MAC address as source in its frame: no, that's not possible. Layer 2 doesn't have enough information to filter L3 traffic.

However, if everything happens within the same L2 segment/VLAN you can filter out the source MACs you don't want. You'd have to include all (non-filtering) routers as they could be used to circumvent the filtering.

That being said and from your comment: many layer 2 (=non-routing) switches can also filter by layer 3 and 4 information - it depends on the specific hardware.


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