I searched for a way to configure a PC with multiple IP addresses in Packet Tracer but i found nothing. I read that you can use the command netsh on Windows to create virtual interfaces. I've tried to use this command with a command prompt, but Packet Tracer doesn't implement all the functionalities that it has in Windows.

So i'm stuck. I need a simple PC to have multiple IP addresses with a single physical interface, is there a way to do it in Packet Tracer ?

Edit : The purpose is :

I have a PC named PC-X, and two VLANs :

  1. VLAN 1 associated with the subnet
  2. VLAN 2 associated with the subnet

I want PC-X to be part of both VLAN 1 and 2.

I thought about having two interfaces in PC-X : eth0 and eth1. eth0 would be configured with an IP address of the first subnet, and eth1 with an IP address of the second. The problem is that i can only have one interface per PC in Packet Tracer, so i thought about configuring eth0 to be the physical interface and eth1 as a virtual interface.

In addition, to allow frames of multiple VLANs to cross the port of PC-X, I thought that i should configure the port in mode trunk. But i don't know of PCs in Packet Tracer accept 802.1q frames.

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    I have checked PT 5.3.2 and confirmed that the config indeed only allows one IP to be configured, not sure about newer version. Yes indeed CMD on PT is very limited, this is not a Win or Linux OS. I'm still confused at what you are trying to achieve by having the requirements you specified, kindly expand.
    – DRP
    Jan 5, 2018 at 22:32
  • @DRP Thank you for your answer, I have edited the question.
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    Jan 5, 2018 at 22:44

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I'll base my answer solely on PT 5.3.2. and personal testing. Answer is No.

You cannot assign 2 IP addresses due to the fact that the module cards are only accounted for one connection (i.e PT-HOST-NM-1FGE). Below you can see the list of modules:


On this other image just where you basically setup a static address or dhcp:

enter image description here

Now being said that let me clarify a couple of things:

  • PC's do not do the tagging (vlan assignment), this is done on the incoming interface of the connected device (i.e switch)
  • Trunk ports account for tagged traffic, so you would need somehow to get traffic already tagged when received by the directly connected device which would imply that the PC has some sort of 802.1q mechanism. Check How to assign single port into multiple vlans

Finally let us recall that although PT is good for learning it is somewhat limited.

For more advance research, testing and learning GNS3 might be a good option for you. Cheers!


I have just got my hands with PT Version, issue with PC is the same it only allows one network module to be installed and hence one IP.

However, something I noticed on the newer version and forgot to check on the old version is that the server does indeed support the adding of two cards, hence two IP addresses.

Unfortunately that does still not accomplish what you are looking for:

I need a simple PC to have multiple IP addresses with a single physical interface, is there a way to do it in Packet Tracer ?

Anyways just thought of throwing that in out there. Kind Regards.

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