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I have 2 subnets S1 and S2, each composed of n computers with the same IPs. Both subnets have the same mask (

Is it possible to make it so that a computer from S1 can connect to a computer of S2 through ssh without changing any IP of S1 nor S2?

I understand that it's not possible to have two identical IPs on the same subnet, but I was thinking of something like adding a physical gateway G1 and G2 on top of both S1 and S2, such that through G1 I would access computers of S1 and through G2 access S2 computers, and have the ability to go from G1 to G2. Would that work?

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This sounds very similar to this question and answer.

Basically, you need to translate all addresses on one end to another range, and vice-versa, with a NAT device in-between. This is sometimes referred to as "outside source nat" because you need to translate the source of packets coming from outside your network to a range that does not overlap with yours.

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