I'm trying to configure NETSTREAM, but I'm a little confused. Following this tutorials: Configuring NetStream export and Huawei: NetStream Configuration.

I'm configuring netstream on Huawei Ne20e

Global Configurations:

ip netstream export source x.x.x.x 
ip nestream export host x.x.x.x port 

Explaining what I did, the source command I configured the Huawei ip address and host command the PRTG ip address udp port to receive the flows.

After this I'm configuring on a specific interface to send netstream

interface Gigabitethernet 0/3/3
ip netstream inbound
ip netstream outbound

Is there any for debugging this problem and find a solution? Is the first time I'm configuring it!


Revising PRTG material, I saw that there are no native Huawei Sensors available in PRTG. But I want to certify me, there isn't miss command

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