I want to simulate a network in NS-3 and i want the traffic on this network be the real traffic. I found this article. This tool is based on PPBP (PPBP models on internet traffic) but i am really confused. This model only discuss about bit rate, but doesn't discuss about normal traffic such as http, ftp, smtp , etc. Real network traffic is combinations of http, ICMP, ftp traffic, etc. But this model doesn't discuss this.

So how can we say that this model emulates real network traffic?

I think if i use this article and model i don't emulate real network traffic.

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The referenced paper is modelling the rate of traffic, trying to get it to behave like real traffic. As they say the "model provides a simple and accurate network traffic generator that matches statistical properties of real-life IP networks." They're not trying to model the mix of different kinds of packets.

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