I currently have interVLAN routing configured on my Catalyst 3750. My gateway of last resort is my ASA firewall. The switch reaches the firewall through a layer 3 port. The port is configured as follows:

interface GigabitEthernet1/0/24
no switchport
ip address
no shutdown

The ASA's IP address is, so the 0/0 route on the ASA is configured using as the gateway.

I want to configure an active/standby failover ASA cluster. What is the best way to go about connecting the standby ASA to the Catalyst? I think that the standby ASA needs to be able to reach the Catalyst using the same IP ( as the primary ASA. However, I cannot assign that IP to another port.

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One way is create a new VLAN with as the SVI (VLAN) interface. Eash ASA (in a failover pair) gets connected to an access port on that VLAN.

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