two sites connected ip sec vpn tunnel. site A has 16 static ip addresses for outside to in access (NAT). can I route one of my public ip addresses from site A across vpn tunnel to a host on site B?

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You can advertise any of your networks (individual IPv4 addresses can be advertised as /32 networks) across the tunnel, assuming you are running a routing protocol with the router on the other end of the tunnel. It is routing protocols that advertise your networks. Routers learn routes in three ways:

  1. Directly connected networks
  2. Statically configured routes
  3. Through dynamic routing protocols

Since the router on the other end of the tunnel is not directly connected to your network, option 1 is out.

The router on the other end of the tunnel could be statically configured with the network.

You could run a routing protocol with the router on the other end of the network and advertise any or all networks you have.


Certainly you can. You simply use your NAT/PAT in the ordinary way. It doesn't matter that the inside address isn't local to the NAT router; you have to ensure that the routers at both sites have a router down the tunnel for the internal addresses at the other site.

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