we take the decision to set jumbo frame on all our linux machines

we have hadoop cluster with master machines , workers machines and kafka machines

our switches ( Cisco ) are suitable to Jumbo frame and that fine

but jumbo frame can set as 8000 or 9000 or between them or less then 8000 what is the formula to calculate what is the best MTU value ?

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  • "our switches ( Cisco ) are suitable to Jumbo frame and that fine" Some Cisco switches have different jumbo frame sizes for different interfaces. You need to make sure that all the devices in a path have all the possible interfaces in a path set to the same size.
    – Ron Maupin
    Mar 6, 2018 at 14:02
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  1. Make sure there's a notable performance difference between jumbos and standard frames - without it, there's little reason to dive in. Hardware offloading tends to make jumbos obsolete unless you need the final 4% throughput.
  2. You should consider your latency and QoS requirements. Jumbos increase latency and may hurt QoS.
  3. Check your equipment for the jumbo size where it's still reliable. Several devices support jumbos but behave rather poorly with them. Buffers may be too small.

The configuration of the hosts is off-topic here, unfortunately.


Mostly, I have set-up 9000 or 9216 (Maximum). It depend on your NIC and another devices which direct connect with the switch.

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