I was wondering if anyone has some favorite modules for doing things like SNMP, CLI screen scraping, netconf, etc...

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I just started playing with Trigger and I have to say I've really enjoyed it. It's quite a powerful network engineer toolkit and their documentation is awesome. While we primarily have Cisco it does support other vendors such as Juniper and Brocade, they have a list of vendors in their docs


We've been using:

pysnmp - pretty obvious
Exscript - offers an enhanced "expect" type of experience. Very nice.
MySQLdb - also self explanatory


ncclient is a python library for communicating via netconf. I've just started working with it.


I use Google Capirca for firewall / acl management. It is simply a good rule generator, and the rule definition and generation are separated so you can even extend it to support any device you want. It does i.e. Linux iptables, Juniper SRX or Cisco ACLs out of the box. The ACLs you write can be kept independent of the device type.

(the little geek brother of FW-1 rule compiler ;)


Don't forget about:


I use Exscript for CLI screen scraping. It is a Python library and has also a minimalistic scripting language itself. The latter one is sufficient for most small tasks and doesn't require a lot of programming knowledge.

You can find some of my exscripts here:


I've also written a grep-like tool based on ciscoconfparse and a templating tool (based on Jinja2) for text based configurations, which you can find on my github account (sorry, for the shameless self-promotion).

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