I want to configure configuration logging on network devices by running following commands.

log config
logging enable 

I want to know which Cisco IOS and device support it?

I used cisco feature navigator but did not get the answer.

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Almost every Cisco IOS router 12.x and 15.x supports this command. You can use it in this way to send configuration command logging to syslog server:

conf terminal
 log config
  logging enable
  logging size 200
  notify syslog contenttype plaintext
logging xx.xx.xx.xx

where xx.xx.xx.xx - your syslog-server.

Also you can view previous configuration commands that were applied to this router by running show archive log config all. You must know, that this command display history data only from last reboot. That's why it's recommended to save configuration command history in syslog.

Also FYI:

Feature name - Configuration Change Notification and Logging

Releases - 12.2(25)S, 12.2(27)SBC, 12.2(33)SB, 12.2(33)SRA, 12.2(33)SXH, 12.3(4)T, 15.0(1)EX, Cisco IOS XE Release 2.1

Feature info: The Configuration Change Notification and Logging (Configuration Logging) feature allows the tracking of configuration changes entered on a per-session and per-user basis by implementing a configuration log. The configuration log tracks each configuration command that is applied, who applied the command, the parser return code for the command, and the time the command was applied. This feature also adds a notification mechanism that sends asynchronous notifications to registered applications whenever the configuration log changes.

The following commands were introduced or modified: archive, hidekeys, log config, logging enable, logging size, notify syslog, show archive log config.


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