I know on the Cisco ASA 5505 is limited to only a class C 254 addresses in the DCHPD pool, mainly because of physical resource limitations.

Does this hold true for higher end models likes the 5512-X or 5515-X?


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From the ASA Config Guide

For all ASA models, the maximum number of DHCP client addresses varies depending on the license:

•If the limit is 10 hosts, the maximum available DHCP pool is 32 addresses.

•If the limit is 50 hosts, the maximum available DHCP pool is 128 addresses.

If the number of hosts is unlimited, the maximum available DHCP pool is 256 addresses.

Example from an ASA5512X:

# dhcpd address inside
Warning, DHCP pool range is limited to 256 addresses, set address range as:

The DHCP server in the ASA does seem to be little more than a SOHO toy.

Among its various issues are:

  • that 256-address pool limit applies to all models
  • it can't be a relayed server, i.e., it can only serve pools corresponding to its own actual interfaces

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