I need help as Event manager applet not getting recognized for Cisco ASA ver8.0. But for cisco ASA ver 9.6 it is working properly. Please advise

BnglASA/pri/act(config)#Event manager applet backupconfig
BnglASA/pri/act(config-applet) # description "Monthly backup of ASA" 
BnglASA/pri/act(config-applet) # event timer watchdog time 108000
BnglASA/pri/act (config-applet #action 1 cli command "copy /noconfirm running-config ftp://utiftp:v7V5fasffas@10.X.X.X/"
BnglASA/pri/act(config-applet) #output none
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The feature was introduced in version 9.2.1:

Release Notes for the Cisco ASA Series, 9.2(x)

We introduced or modified the following commands: event manager applet, description, event syslog id, event none, event timer, event crashinfo, action cli command, output, show running-config event manager, event manager run, show event manager, show counters protocol eem, clear configure event manager, debug event manager, debug menu eem.


ASA Embedded Event Manager Configuration Example

This document describes Embedded Event Manager (EEM), which is a troubleshooting tool that was added in Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) Version 9.2(1). The functionality is similar to Cisco IOS? based EEM. It is a powerful way to run CLI commands based on ASA events (syslogs) and save the output. This document covers an introduction to the feature as well as some example EEM applets.

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