I know that “RIB failure” in a “show ip bgp” output indicates that a route offered to the RIB by BGP has not been accepted. But why then the connected Routes that are being advertised by the BGP network/mask command in the local router, is not shown as "r" (rib failure) in the BGP table?. Instead I get it as *>
Connected routes always wins (comparing with any Protocols-IGB/BGP). So in this case BGP is failing to compete to insert the connect route in the RIB.

Configuration are as below:

Sh run int lo0
interface Loopback0
 ip address

sh run | s bgp

router bgp 65234
 bgp router-id
 bgp log-neighbor-changes
 no bgp default ipv4-unicast
 neighbor remote-as 65234
 neighbor update-source Loopback0
 address-family ipv4
  network mask
  neighbor activate

sh version
Cisco IOS Software, IOSv Software (VIOS-ADVENTERPRISEK9-M), Version 15.6(2)T

enter image description here

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The difference is that R4 is originating the route to (with the network statement), whereas the route to is being received from another BGP router.

As BGP on R4 is originating the route it would never attempt to install it in its routing table as it has a better local route that it sourced the information from. It will advertise this route to other BGP routers, but would not use it itself as it is the originator of the route.

The route to on the other hand was received from another router via BGP and also another protocol. The other protocol had a lower AD so a RIB failure is shown in BGP for that route.

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