We have running HSRP in production but its running on version 1 now i want to change it to version 2 so is there a way to do without any downtime or disturb live traffic?

  • That's simply not possible.
    – Ron Maupin
    Jul 7, 2018 at 20:24

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I can't think of a way to achieve this within the limits of "same set of router interfaces of the same pair/group of routers".

HSRPv1 and v2 are:

  • a) incompatible and

  • b) mutually exclusive on one given (sub)interface of a router and

  • c) conflicting when implemented in parallel with the same standby ip addresses. That much, I assume, you already figured out.

In short: I don't think this is possible to achive without any influence on the live traffic.

Some trickery with temporay additional routers, secondary standby IP addresses and relying on the fact that a router sends a gratuitous ARP for the given standby address when it goes active might bring down the interruption to just a few seconds. However, that is neither pretty nor simple. To elaborate, more information about the given network situation would be needed.

Eventually, scheduling some downtime might be the best (non-)solution. After all downtime won't take longer than it takes HSRPv2 to go active, which in turn depends on the timers you configure.

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