I see a information:

Most interfaces are named according to:
 - Interface media type (ge, so, at, and so forth)

I know the so represent SONET, at represnet ATM, but how about the ge ? if it means the ethernet, why not et?


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I guess you're asking about JunOS, the Operating System of Juniper for their hardware.

ge means Gigabit Ethernet.

This a list of ethernet interfaces and names used in JunOS:

ae— Aggregated Ethernet interface.

et— 100-Gigabit Ethernet interfaces.

fe— Fast Ethernet interface.

ge— Gigabit Ethernet interface.

xe— 10-Gigabit Ethernet interface.

For a complete list click here


It means Gigabit Ethernet.

See more in wikipedia


G is mainly represent the Bandwidth of port/interface that means 1000 Mega bits per seconds where as E for Ethernet technology. So, port name written as Gigabit Ethernet as per IEEE standards, Now 10GE and 100GE interfaces are also deployed in production environment.

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